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Goblins Blamed for Series of Mysterious Deaths in Zimbabwe

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By Tim Binnall

In a truly strange story out of Zimbabwe, goblins have been blamed for a mysterious series of deaths that left a family decimated. The bizarre case reportedly came to light late last month when members of the Nzvenga family in the town of Nyanga turned to a prophet for help after a whopping 10 relatives had perished under inexplicable circumstances. The tragedies had apparently become so troubling that the remaining family members had actually moved into a church in an attempt to thwart whatever forces were tormenting them.

"We established that there was witchcraft in the family," explained Francis Nzvenga, "then engaged Madzibaba Nzira, who exposed the culprit." The source of the family's suffering, it would seem, was an individual who had harnessed the power of sorcery for sinister means and somehow obtained a goblin to do their bidding. The reasoning behind that conclusion is that when the prophet went to the family's home to cleanse the residence he found witchcraft paraphernalia that included a club with a hyena tail attached to it, a blood-filled clay pot, and a "creepy-like goblin."

"What shocked us most is that inside one of the clay pots was a paper with a list of people that had died mysteriously," revealed Nzvenga. However, what may have been even more troubling than that was that the list was not complete and that there were family members who had been "earmarked to die." The prophet echoed that sentiment by noting that "people who appeared on a list in the clay pot were bound to die in the near future," but that their demise was thwarted when he prayed, "summoned the goblins," and cast them out of the family's home.


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