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'Grand Warlock' of Mexico Predicts No War with North Korea in 2018

'Grand Warlock' of Mexico Predicts No War with North Korea in 2018

A popular psychic in Mexico has issued his annual predictions for the new year and the forecast seems to bode well for most of us.

Antonio Vazquez, a purported mystic who boasts the amazing moniker of 'Grand Warlock,' holds court at the start of each year to issue prognostications for the future to throngs of press.

For some strange reason, the psychic proclamations have turned into an annual event in Mexico to mark the start of the new year.

And so Vazquez was back before reporters once more yesterday to announce what he foresees for 2018.

No doubt of most significance to everyone is that the psychic declared that there will be no war between the United States and North Korea, musing, "no bombs will fly. They will reach an agreement."

In fact, Vazguez was far less worried about a nuclear showdown compared to his grave concern surrounding pop star Shakira.

"I sense someone has cast a spell on her," he lamented to assembled reporters, "I don't think she'll recover."

How and why, exactly, Vazquez received visions of both geopolitical tensions which threaten to annihilate us all and the singer behind the smash hit 'Hips Don't Lie' is a mystery.

Should the state of Shakira's career and World War III not provide enough touchstones by which to judge the psychic's prowess as we progress through 2018, he also predicted that Germany will win the World Cup this summer.

If it's any consolation to the other teams competing for the coveted cup, Vazquez' track record with predictions is not particularly stellar, having fired off several woefully incorrect prognostications in 2016.

As such, Shakira can probably rest easy provided that she can survive a nuclear war.

Source: Channel News Asia

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