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Group of Chanting Clowns Terrifies Tennis Players in North Dakota

Creepy Clowns in Fargo

A Fargo woman warns of people in creepy clown masks after she and her son got those disturbing visitors while playing tennis.

Posted by Tanner Robinson - WDAY on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

By Tim Binnall

A mother in North Dakota is sounding the alarm about creepy clowns after a terrifying encounter with the haunting harlequins this past weekend. The unsettling incident reportedly occurred on Sunday night as Roxane Salonen and her son were playing tennis under the lights at a park in the city of Fargo. Shortly after their match began, the mom noticed a group of people standing perfectly still and watching them from behind a nearby fence.

To her profound fright, the four individuals were wearing clown masks and began moving towards the tennis-playing duo. As if that were not creepy enough, Salonen says that the unnerving strangers were chanting something which she could not discern. Understandably quite frightened by the oncoming clowns, she quickly called the cops, which led to the group fleeing the scene for fear of getting in trouble with the law.

Police in Fargo subsequently told Salonen that she and her son were not the first people to have a run-in with the clowns as they had also received a similar report earlier in the evening. For her part, the mom hopes that the scary incident on Sunday night is their last encounter with the harlequins. "Even if it was a practical joke," she mused, "right now it probably isn't a good time to be doing that, because there's so much worry right now in the world."

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