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Hackers Cause Blackout in Ukraine

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In a scenario that has been warned about on Coast to Coast frequently in the past, nefarious computer hackers successfully caused a blackout in the Ukraine over the holiday season.

Experts say that malicious software was used to purposely attack Ukraine's power grid and render half of the homes in one area without electricity for hours.

The incident is believed to be the first time that a cyber attack has caused a blackout.

A Russian group called 'Sandworm' is suspected of being behind the event, although cyber security experts are reticent to connect the organization to the Russian government because such assertions are difficult to prove.

Fortunately, the blackout-causing attack did not result in widespread chaos because power was restored to the area after a relatively short amount of time.

That said, the event does take the prospect of a cyber attack on power grids from a theoretical threat to a very real possibility and one which could hit America when we least expect it.

Coast Insiders may recall that legendary news anchor Ted Koppel appeared on the program in early December to warn about such an event.

Source: Washington Post


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