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Happy World UFO Day 2016!

Flying saucer fans and alien aficionados around the world are celebrating today as July 2nd marks the 15th annual World UFO Day.

Created in 2001, the holiday aims to honor the puzzling paranormal phenomenon which has captivated the world for decades and become a staple of pop culture.

And, while we're only halfway through the year, 2016 has given UFO fans plenty of reason to celebrate.

After being overshadowed by the enormous popularity of ghost hunting and Bigfoot over the last few years, it appears that the UFO phenomenon is in the midst of a major comeback.

2016 has seen UFOs featured extensively in the mainstream media due to the remarkable advocacy for examining the phenomenon by presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and her campaign team.

Outlets which would previously never cover the topic have begun to take notice and the coverage has been far more positive than in the past.

This renewed national conversation about UFOs has given hope to researchers and 'believers' who have long wished to see the subject treated seriously.

With next year being the 70th anniversary of both Kenneth Arnold's legendary flying saucer sighting and the infamous Roswell incident, it's possible that the proverbial 'UFO renaissance' of 2016 will become even more pronounced in 2017.

Whether it will ultimately lead to the answers which have been maddeningly elusive to UFO researchers remains to be seen, but for the first time in quite a while there is reason to be optimistic.

Perhaps in the not too distant future, World UFO Day will commemorate the reality of the phenomenon rather than simply celebrating of the enigma.

Coast Insiders can, of course, celebrate the day by digging into our vast archive of UFO programs, including the 2007 Roswell Festival special, which featured a whopping 12 guests who were in New Mexico for the 60th anniversary celebration.

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