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Haunted B&B Rebuffs Ghost Hunters

Haunted B&B Rebuffs Ghost Hunters

A notoriously haunted house in suburban Pittsburgh is set to become a bed and breakfast, but any would-be ghost hunters hoping to spend the night there will have to check their Ouija Boards at the door. According to a local media report, the proposed Brownsville Road House was built in 1910 and is located in the community of Brentwood. After moving into the home in 1988, owner Robert Cranmer says that his family was plagued by unsettling paranormal activity.

Among the weird occurrences said to have taken place in the home during their time living there were objects inexplicably moving on their own, religious crosses being destroyed and blood was even seen running down the walls. Cranmer eventually documented his family's spooky experience in the 2014 book The Demon of Brownsville Road, the rights to which were recently purchased by New Line Cinema. Having managed to put an end to the paranormal activity in the home back in 2006 thanks to some help from the Roman Catholic Church and outgrowing the spacious residence in the subsquent 13 years of supernatural silence, the family have decided to transform the haunted house into a bed and breakfast.

One might think that Cranmer is hoping to cash in on the building's spooky reputation and draw guests that are looking to experience some kind of paranormal activity, the haunted homeowner actually expressed a rather different take on the matter. "I don't want ghost hunters, spiritualists or people here with Ouija boards bringing it all back," he declared. On the contrary, he envisions the clientele to simply be tourists visiting the Pittsburgh area for various events and apparently don't mind staying at a place once dubbed a 'demon house.' Whether that means that guests busted for ghost hunting will be asked to leave is uncertain, but, at the very least, such a scenario will likely make for a rather awkward breakfast the following morning.

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