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Haunted House Becomes an Airbnb

Haunted House Becomes an Airbnb

By Tim Binnall

A Missouri couple who say that their dream home turned into a nightmare when they realized that it was haunted have come up with an ingenious answer to the paranormal problem: they've turned the house into an Airbnb. Aaron and Erin Clark reportedly purchased the property in Jefferson City a couple of years ago and soon began to suspect that something was amiss with the home which was built in 1910. According to the couple, lights, appliances, and even the kitchen sink would inexplicably turn on and off at all hours of the night.

While that weird activity may have been merely dismissed as a minor annoyance, the couple grew concerned when their eight-year-old daughter began having nightmares and started sleepwalking on a regular basis. They say that the strangeness culminated with a creepy incident in which they heard the youngster crying in her room. When Erin went to check on her daughter, the little girl suddenly stopped crying and, instead, sported an eerie smile that spread across her face.

Worried that their child could wind up being possessed by whatever force was lingering in their new home and concerned about what kind of future unsettling events may occur there, the couple actually decided to move out of the house after only seven months. However, the prospect of selling the property to a family who may encounter the same activity made the Clarks uneasy and so they decided to list the home for short term rentals on Airbnb. The webpage showcasing the house includes a number of images of the building's unnerving basement and a "mysterious wet spot" on the floor which they say "we cannot explain."

So far, it would seem that their idea is a success as the haunted house for rent has garnered a considerable amount of attention and, presumably, interest from paranormal enthusiasts and curious ghost hunters hoping to experience something unusual in the home. Remarkably, the couple says that the first group that rented the property actually left in the middle of the night because they couldn't handle the spooky happenings that took place there. Whether that led to a positive or negative online review likely depends on how they feel about ghosts.

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