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Haunted House Claims Irk Rental Agent

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By Tim Binnall

Cops in Georgia were forced to resolve a rather odd dispute between a rental agent and a man who kept telling people that one of their properties was haunted. The strange case reportedly erupted earlier this month in the community of Richmond Hill when a manager from the company was showing a home to some prospective customers. At some point during the process, a neighbor approached them with the wild claim that "the house is haunted and his parents had recently expired inside the home."

Although it is uncertain whether the alleged ghosts are those of the man's parents or some separate spirits who may have had a hand in their demise, the 'revelation' was enough to convince the would-be renters to pass on the property, much to the chagrin of the agent showing the home. Making matters worse, this is apparently not the first time that the man has scared away customers with the unsettling claim, which led the company to report the scare campaign to police.

When contacted by an officer assigned to the case, the man insisted that "I am not telling a lie, both my parents had expired inside this residence." Be that as it may, he was subsequently informed that the rental company was fed up with him sharing this information with "every prospect that come to view the residence." For now, the intervention by police seems to have put an end to the man's shenanigans as he apologized and promised to keep quiet about the ghostly activity in the home next door.


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