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Haunted House for Sale in Texas Boasts Nine Ghosts!

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A property put on the market in the city of Mineral Wells, Texas is allegedly home to a whopping nine ghosts!

The Haunted Hill House is a frequent destination for ghost hunters as well as media outlets in search of spirits due to the high level of paranormal activity reported there.

Researchers claim that the home, which once served as a brothel in the early 1900's, contains nine ghosts, including the spirit of a child named Joshua.

According to the home's listing on a real estate website, the current owner insists that nothing be removed from the location, since the ghosts living there are "attached to their belongings."

On the bright side, the house comes equipped with a myriad of cameras and other equipment used by ghost hunters when they visit the site for investigations.

In fact, in a testament to the site's popularity among paranormal enthusiasts, the asking price for the property, which is valued at $26,000, is an astounding $125,000.

The reasoning for this is that, much like the current owner does, the new proprietors will be able to turn the site into a money-making venture via ghost tours.

While the realtor tasked with selling the property says that she is not a believer in ghosts, she did concede to having some eerie feelings and strange events occur when she was showing the home.

So if you've got a spare $125,000 that you're looking to spend and have always wanted to own a haunted house, the Mineral Wells property just might fit the bill.

That said, opening up your home to ghost hunters every weekend may be a scarier proposition than living among the spirits there.

Source: Houston Chronicle


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