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Heavily-Armed Ghost Hunter Busted

Heavily-Armed Ghost Hunter Busted

Authorities in Pennsylvania arrested an aspiring ghost hunter who tried to break into a notoriously haunted house while armed with a rather odd arsenal of weapons. According to a local news report, Anthony Parker was spotted prying pieces of plywood off of the boarded-up backdoor of an abandoned home known as the Welles House in the city of Wilkes-Barre. The 19th century abode is said to be the home to a number of spirits and has been heralded as one of Pennsylvania's most haunted locations.

It is that reputation which drew him to the property as he told police that he was there to look for ghosts. However, the building is not currently open to the public for ghost hunting tours and, unfortunately, in his enthusiasm for paranormal investigating, Parker failed get the proper permission to visit the site from the property manager, which is what prompted the initial call to police. He subsequently wound up in even bigger trouble when they saw what he had brought with him for the ghost hunt.

A search of Parker produced an astounding assortment of weapons including a two-foot-long sword, a knife, a shotgun, and a pair of brass knuckles that also sported a blade. Alas, Parker did not explain to police why he needed all of these weapons and how they could possibly protect him should he encounter an apparition. To his credit, he was also 'armed' with a Bible, which is probably the only piece of 'equipment' that could proven useful in the event that he met up with an angry spirit. All of this is moot, of course, since Parker never made it into the house and, instead, was 'taken downtown' where he was booked on numerous charges related to his paranormal misadventure.

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