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High School Abandons 'Haunted' Science Lab

High School Abandons 'Haunted' Science Lab

By Tim Binnall

A science lab at a high school in Zimbabwe has gone unused for two years because students believe that it is haunted. The strangeness reportedly began back in 2016 when a science teacher at the school purportedly passed away after inhaling noxious gas due to a mishap in the lab. Since the man's untimely demise, both the students and faculty have refused to return to the room due to weird health issues which seemingly strike anyone who dares to go inside the lab.

Specifically, students say that they feel an inexplicable itchiness upon entering the room as well as an unexplained shortness of breath. An area education official revealed that this perceived 'curse' on the science lab has taken hold in the student body. "Everybody thinks if you get into that laboratory," Olicah Kaira lamented, "there is something that will affect you."

Since she had never had such an experience in the room, the official argued that the fears of the students and teachers is all in their minds. "There is a psychological mindset," she opined, "that the laboratory will kill us when we get inside to use it." The problem has proven to be so frustrating for officials, since they've had the laboratory thoroughly cleaned and inspected for safety, that they're actually considering bringing in psychologists to work with the students. Should that fail, perhaps they'll enlist an exorcist next.

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