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Hilly Rose Transcript

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Radio host Hilly Rose(1) (pictured), who has just returned from China, was our special guest in Streamlink's(2) Live Chat on Tuesday night. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript(3).
What do they think of UFOs In China?
Hilly Rose
China has the largest UFO organization in the world. Makes sense because they have the largest population in the world. In order to join the UFO group you must be a college graduate. In other words, they take UFOs very seriously. There are lots of sightings all over. With the censorship of the government, it is difficult to know what position the Communists take.
Mr. Rose, can you tell us how or why you got into radio broadcasting?
Hilly Rose
To give you the complete answer would take the entire session. I actually started at the age of 14 working with the Chicago Board of Education Radio Council. Got into Northwestern University at 16 and grouped my classes so I could do soap operas. Appeared on Ma Perkins, First Nighter, Guiding Light, etc.
I would be very interested to know out of all the topics Mr. Rose has covered in his years of paranormal exploration, what one topic gave him the biggest willies or the most chill bumps. What one topic made you the most uneasy or gave you the most pause?
Hilly Rose
Two actually. The first in the seventies when I interviewed Charlotte Blob, a disciple of George Adamski. I asked for proof of the ETs, which then came through my daughter who had no interest in the paranormal at all. The second was the last cogent conversation I had with my son who was dying of a brain tumor. He pointed down the street at what he said were men in astronaut suits. I could see nothing. Was he seeing ET (who look like they wear astronaut suits)? I will probably never know until I join him.
Hilly, I read your webpage about your paranormal experience while you were doing your show at KFI. And could you tell us about it too? Also, do you miss the old haunt (no pun intended) ?
Hilly Rose
Very punny. A cold spot developed in my studio that was only there when I was doing paranormal subjects. Anyone could walk into it and feel the clammy cold. The other incident was when I played Raudive Tapes on the show. He recorded spirit voices by asking a question and walking out of the room. When I played the tape, the station went off the air for the first time in 50 years. A federal investigation said a piece of dust had gotten on a condenser. I then said I would replay the original tape, and they said "Not if you plan to keep your job".
How would you suggest someone prepare for a career in talk radio, especially with the sort of show topics Coast To Coast emphasizes?
Hilly Rose
Unfortunately radio is nothing like what is was when George and I started in this business. The opportunities are practically non-existent. I would suggest working with iPods for awhile, bringing a sample to a program director at your local station, and see if he is interested. With so much national programming it is almost impossible to break in. Sorry!
Linda Galactica
I used to see a lot of paranormal activity in Chicago. Archer Avenue there is famed for many a strange phenomenon. Hilly, I saw a "bullet" type of craft fly by one night and it seemed to have a rocket-like fiery engine on it. Have you ever heard of that particular type of UFO? It was extremely fast.
Hilly Rose
I left Chicago many, many years ago. Frankly I was not aware of UFO activity when I lived there. No, I have no heard of this particular type of engine. I am convinced, however, they have many types of propulsion.
Hilly, what's the most interesting thing you've been into recently???
Hilly Rose
Aside from my travels to China, I would have to repeat the Varginha story. It seems to me here is the smoking gun we all have been waiting for as proof of ET existence. All records have been taken by the Brazilian Army and sent to the United States. Steven Greer and others have got to keep working to get our Govt to open the records. Even the Brazilian Air Force has recently opened their records. It shows a vast amount of UFO activity around Varginha at the time of the crash and sighting by so many officials and responsible people. Of course the other interesting thing is doing the Coast to Coast show. I always come away exhilarated by talking to you folks directly.

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