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Hitler's 'Ghost Train' May Contain Fabled Russian 'Amber Room'

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The mysterious Nazi 'ghost train' in Poland may contain an ornate room stolen from St. Petersburg, Russia in 1941. As C2C previously reported, two men claimed to have found the train lost beneath the caverns of Poland, and were seeking a finder's fee before revealing the location. Polish law enforcement expressed concern that the train may be laden with more than art treasures. It could be booby-trapped with deadly explosive charges. But what lies inside the train?

One theory posits that the famous Amber Room - a long sought-after ornate room that disappeared during WWII – could be among the cargo. The Russian 18th century room was reputed to be an "8th Wonder of the World" with palatial walls festooned with amber, gold and pearls. The Amber Room, once located in the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg was originally constructed by Prussians in the 18th Century. It was reportedly looted by the German Army Group North and transported to Konigsberg for reconstruction and display.

Yet, there are those who believe the room was lost during the German bombardment of the city. If the Amber Room still existed, its value is conservatively estimated to be more than $275 million. Russian lawyers are said to be gearing up for legal reparation if any of their country's stolen plunder is aboard the Nazi "ghost train". "Representatives of Russia should undoubtedly be involved in determining the value of the items discovered if the train is located…in accordance with international law," lawyer Mikhail Joffe said.

Meanwhile, Poland has its hands full fending off an out-of-control gold rush as amateur fortune hunters wander aimlessly with metal detectors. These prospectors have swarmed the city of Walbrzych – the alleged site of the missing train. Provincial Gov. Tomasz Smolarz revealed that law enforcement has beefed up security. Local cops and railroad guards are now vigilantly patrolling the area, sending "gold rushers" packing. "People have been barred from the woods" and from taking selfies on train tracks, he told AP.

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