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Hollow Earth Theory Gets Hot

Hollow Earth Theory Gets Hot

With the infamous Flat Earth Theory becoming something of a cause celebre over the last few years, its 'cousin' conspiracy has seemingly snatched a share of the spotlight.

The legendary Hollow Earth Theory finds itself in the headlines this week following a profile on the odd hypothesis by a British newspaper.

In the piece, author Rodney Cluff tells the Sun that the theory has been gaining in popularity in recent years, marveling that "I get emails from people learning about it every day."

Considering the increased media attention surrounding the Flat Earth Theory, one might surmise that is how these individuals are stumbling upon his work.

However, that does not mean that Cluff feels any kinship with his fellow Earth-based conspiracy theorists.

"I don't know how the flat-Earthers can be so confused," he mused, "They are obviously wrong. The world is not flat – it's hollow. They reject all the evidence."

Despite his misgivings about the Hollow Earth fans, Cluff may owe the movement some thanks, since the natural comparison to the oddly popular conspiracy theory has led many media outlets to feature the author following his appearance in the British tabloid.

Then again, he may want to hold off on sending any gift baskets to the Flat Earth Society, since many publications are describing his concept as being even zanier than the much-derided conspiracy theory.

What may be the strangest thing about that turn of events and a detail that is indicative of the Hollow Earth Theory's place in today's pantheon of odd ideas is that, for some strange reason, it is being trumpeted by some sites as a 'new' conspiracy.

Longtime esoteric aficionados know, of course, that this is ludicrous and that the idea of the Earth being hollow can be found in countless legends and has been a peripheral part of the conspiracy world for decades.

Nonetheless, there are many people who have apparently not yet explored the fantastic hypothesis that the Earth contains an inner world and the various rich conspiracy theories proposing that this place may or may not be populated by some kind of civilization.

Coast Insiders looking to brush up on the Hollow Earth Theory before it becomes the 'next big thing' can check out researcher Brooks Agnew's numerous appearances on the program as well as documentary filmmaker Stephen Sindoni on the 4/6/15 edition of the show.

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Source: The Sun

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