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Homemade Rocket Launch Now Set for Super Bowl Weekend

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The highly publicized launch of a Flat Earth fan's homemade rocket looks to be back on track after being scrubbed last year.

"Mad" Mike Hughes made headlines back in November when he announced plans to launch himself inside of steam-powered rocket which he had built by hand.

Alongside the sheer strangeness of that scenario, he earned some additional minutes of fame by way of his reasoning for the bold endeavor: the prove the Earth is flat.

Unfortunately, Hughes faded from the spotlight with a whimper rather than a bang when he was forced to cancel his launch due to a technicality caught by the Bureau of Land Management.

However, he announced to the Philly Voice that the issue has been rectified and the launch will proceed as planned at a rather appropriate time for such a grand spectacle: Super Bowl weekend.

Specifically on Saturday, February 3rd, Hughes will take to the sky in his homemade rocket and, hopefully, return to Earth in one piece.

While the big game the next day will no doubt garner millions of viewers watching at home, Hughes sees his launch as the true epic event of the weekend.

"I should get more viewers than the Super Bowl," he declared, perhaps ruefully, "people in Finland and Hungary don’t care about the game, but they’ll care about this launch."

And, as only someone who built their own rocket by hand and plans to launch themselves inside of it can, Hughes mused "some people think I'm the man who will change the world and, who knows, maybe they're right."

Fortunately, we'll only have to wait a few weeks to find out and, should Hughes' launch wind up being a wild success, perhaps he'll be invited to do it again during next year's halftime show.

Source: Philly Voice

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