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Hot Rocks & Half Cats

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(3)During the first hour, reporter and editor for Earthfiles.com(1), Linda Moulton Howe presented news on the hot rock mystery in California.
According to Linda, the "unique and really mysterious" hot rocks were exposed after a landslide in the Los Padres National Forest. She said a test conducted at a depth of 11 1/2 feet below the rocks measured the ground temperature at 584-degrees Fahrenheit. Geothermal energy, volcanic magma, and radioactivity have been ruled out as explanations, Linda revealed.
View a couple of images of the Los Padres hot rocks by clicking the links below:
Hot Rocks Photo #1
Hot Rocks Photo #2
Linda also provided information about unusual cat deaths in the Seattle area. It appears the unfortunate felines have been cut in half, Linda explained, with some kind of "high heat" cutting instrument. Read more at Earthfiles.com(2) (Warning: contains graphic images).

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