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Huge 'Ghost Ship' Washes Ashore in Liberia

Government officials in Liberia are flummoxed by the sudden appearance of an enormous oil tanker that washed ashore after being seemingly abandoned by its crew.

The vessel, christened the Tamaya 1, was last seen about three weeks ago and what became of it before the unexpected arrival in Liberia is a mystery.

Unfortunately, authorities in Liberia waited two days to investigate the 'ghost ship' after first being told about it, leaving the Tamaya 1 vulnerable to looters looking for items of value onboard.

They may not have come across much, since the prevailing theory for the ship's abandonment is that its owners ran out of money and the crew quit when they realized they were not going to get paid.

However, evidence of an odd fire in the captain's quarters suggests that there is the possibility that the Tamaya 1 fell victim to pirates and the crew may have met a more sinister fate.

Unless the ship's captain or one of the crew members surfaces to tell their tale, it's likely that the complete story of the Tamaya 1's strange fate may never be known.

Source: 9news.com.au


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