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Huge Hole Appears on French Beach

Huge Hole Appears on French Beach

Residents of the French resort town of Nice were mystified when a massive sinkhole suddenly appeared on the beach.

The giant chasm, which measures 16 feet in diameter and nearly six-and-a-half feet deep, caused something of a stir in the community as no one was quite sure what may have created it.

Onlookers offered a number of theories for the nature of the hole, including that it was a volcano or a geyser as well as the possibility that it was the result of a meteorite hitting the beach.

Fortunately, the mayor of the town quickly responded to the strangeness and seemingly dispelled those fantastic theories by explaining that residents had nothing to fear since the sinkhole was simply a natural phenomenon.

While that may be the case, let's hope that more holes do not emerge, since they could render the iconic French beach looking more like Swiss cheese.

Source: RT

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