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Hundreds of Ancient Stone Structures Found in Saudi Arabia

An archaeologist in Australia has discovered hundreds of mysterious stone structures atop lava domes in Saudi Arabia.

By way of Google Earth images, professor David Kennedy was able to find an astounding 400 of the enigmatic anomalies which he believes could be up to 9,000 years old.

The strange structures differ vastly in size with the smallest being 43 feet long compared to the biggest which is a whopping 1,699 feet long.

Known as 'gates' due to how they appear from above, the purpose of the stone sites remains a mystery to researchers.

Since the structures were largely found using only satellite images, excited archaeologists hope to follow up on Kennedy's work by venturing to the specific sites in order to possibly discern more about their nature and possibly exact age.

One can imagine that armchair anomaly hunters may be chagrined to see the professor's work taken far more seriously than some of the 'fantastic' finds from others who study Google Earth images.

That said it should give everyone hope that there are, indeed, weird things still waiting to be noticed right here on Earth now that we can see the planet from a whole different perspective.

Source: LiveScience


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