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Illinois Professor Studies Bigfoot Hunters

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An Illinois professor's six year sojourn into the world of Bigfoot hunting provided him with a new understanding of what drives those who stalk Sasquatch.

Professor Joe Gisondi set out to get into the minds of Bigfoot researchers and learn why they are so driven to find the elusive creature.

Over the course of this research, he was struck by how the various Bigfoot hunters he met defied their depiction in the mainstream. "I learned you can't stereotype," he told the Journal-Gazette & Times Courier.

Gisondi revealed that, for some researchers, these experiences can be life altering and cited a wilderness guide who encountered the beast and was so traumatized that he could no longer work in the forest.

Having taken part in a number of expeditions with these researchers in search of Bigfoot, the professor noticed one element which he described as particularly off-putting.

"One thing I didn't realize was how horribly these people eat," he said to the Journal-Gazette, "Some of the things they did with bacon and lard and eggs, I felt I was going to have a coronary just looking at the food."

Beyond the bad food, Gisondi had his own experience which confirms the accounts of many Bigfoot hunters in that when something strange occurs the inclination to document it gives way to sheer fascination.

"I had a tape recorder in my hand, and something went on for about three to five minutes. At the end, I looked down and I realized I didn't tape a damn thing," he lamented to the paper.

While the existence of Bigfoot remains up for debate, the work of Gisondi goes a long way towards showing that the people seeking the creature are a lot more normal than one might expect.

Source: Journal-Gazette & Times Courier

Image courtesy of C2C listener D. Ross.

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