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Impending Solar Eclipse Conjures Apocalyptic Concerns

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With this year's highly anticipated solar eclipse less than two weeks away, one conspiracy theorist is warning that the event is a harbinger of our impending doom.

Astronomer and author David Meade claims that numerological details surrounding the August 21st eclipse suggest that it was foretold in the Bible and will usher in the End Times.

Specifically, Meade points to the recurring presence of the number 33 in various aspects of the eclipse, including the fact that it will first cross over the United States in Oregon (the 33rd state) and depart on the 33rd latitude by way of South Carolina.

Taking this concept further, Meade looked at the position of the stars 33 days after the eclipse and was stunned to discover that, on September 23rd, their alignment seems to resemble an eerie description of the stars in the Book of Revelation which describes a 'great sign' in the heavens.

As such, the researcher has expressed profound concern about the events due to unfold over the next few weeks, telling the Daily Star that "this is indeed an amazing omen and a frightful sign."

With regards to what, exactly, the eclipse is 'warning' us about, Meade believes that it is the arrival of the notorious Planet X, which he contends is on a collision course with Earth.

Whether that disastrous meeting will take place on September 23rd or at a later date remains to be seen, but Meade is not the only person prophesizing doom due to the eclipse.

No less than four different other soothsayers have also predicted that Armageddon will begin in 2017 and that the eclipse will play a pivotal role in the commencement of End Times.

Although it may be easy to dismiss these predictions as simply doomsday fears taken too far, one need only look to the infamous Heaven's Gate cult for a reminder that ascribing unreal significance to an astronomical event can produce truly tragic results.

Source: Daily Star


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