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In Coast You Missed It 1/10/20

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By Tim Binnall

Crop Circles, the Zodiac Killer, and trends for 2020 were among the fascinating realms explored this past week on Coast to Coast AM. And, here at the C2C website, we told you about a Virgin Mary statue that appeared to cry, an intriguing UFO sighting in Texas, and an unfortunate vandalism case centered around aliens and an ancient site in Cornwall. Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

The crop circle phenomenon took center stage on Wednesday night's program as Lucy Pringle talked about her work documenting the enigmatic formations and collecting reports from people who claim to have had unusual experiences after stepping inside of these designs. She noted that, contrary to what one might think, effects are not always pleasant and sometimes can be quite negative. However, Pringle also detailed instances where crop formations appear to have exhibited some kind of healing power.

UFOs and aliens dominated the paranormal news cycle this week by way of several major stories. In England, the UK's first astronaut told a newspaper that not only do aliens exist, but that they may actually already be here on Earth. Then, Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg became the latest White House hopeful to weigh in on the UFO phenomenon. Also hoping that he'll wind up in Washington next year is UFO researcher Robert Salas, who is running for Congress in California. And, in perhaps the first big sighting of 2020, an odd triangular set of lights was captured on video in Texas.

The question of who was the infamous Zodiac Killer has long fascinated true crime enthusiasts and, on Saturday night's program, Tom Voigt discussed his exhaustive research into the case and his attempts to finally unmask the mysterious miscreant. He talked about being granted access to 'Zodiac boxes' containing insights and evidence collected by law enforcement agencies and never released to the public. Voigt also reflected on the unsettling legacy of the Zodiac Killer and how modern investigative techniques involving familial DNA may finally lead to a break in the case.

This past week saw a pair of peculiar events take place in churches, though the incidents were decidedly different in nature. First, parishioners at a chapel in Mexico were astounded to see a statue of the Virgin Mary seemingly weeping. As one can imagine, this was considered by many to be some kind of spiritual message or maybe even a miracle. Meanwhile, over in Spain, a man who believed that he was possessed by a demon drove his car into a church and took refuge at the altar in an attempt to escape the 'dark forces' that plagued him.

With 2020 having just begun, many are wondering what the new year may bring, especially considering how tumultuous the first few days have been already. On Sunday night's program, Gerald Celente discussed trends that we may see manifest in 2020, including social unrest sweeping across the globe and increased concerns surrounding tech addiction. He also foresees Donald Trump being reelected in November, but cautioned that this could change as the year unfolds.

Perhaps the weirdest story of the week took place in Cornwall, where some yet-to-be-identified ne'er-do-wells painted a pair of aliens on an ancient stone site. Caretakers at the Mulfra Quoit megalithic tomb in Penzance were understandably aghast when they discovered the out-of-this-world graffiti on the landmark. Fortunately, the paint used to depict the aliens can be easily removed once administrators at the site go through the necessary steps to alter what has been deemed a historic location in Cornwall.

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