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In Coast You Missed It 1/11/19

In Coast You Missed It 1/11/19

By Tim Binnall

An astrological forecast for 2019, energy vampires, and explorations of life after death from a number of different angles were among the captivating topics covered on Coast to Coast AM this past week. Meanwhile, here at the C2C website, we told you about a potential new picture of the Tasmanian Tiger, a Canadian man who has been tormented by a 'mystery hum' for over a decade, and the detection of a slew of new fast radio bursts that had astronomers buzzing. Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

This past week, C2C listeners were provided a fascinating look at life after death from a variety of different perspectives. On Monday night's program, Dr. Claude Swanson shared evidence for the 'other side,' including testimony from witnesses who saw energy forms leave the bodies of people as they pass away. Then, on Tuesday evening, futurist Dawn Clark discussed the start of that journey from an entirely different point of view when she recounted her near-death experiences. This was followed by Joe McQuillen on Wednesday night with the story of communicating with his departed son, who had died in a tragic accident.

After largely avoiding the spotlight for the last year, the Tasmanian Tiger was back in the headlines in a big way this week when an intriguing photo of a mysterious dog-like creature emerged out of Australia. The image proved to be particularly tantalizing to those who believe that the thylacine is not truly extinct and set off considerable debate in cryptozoological circles as to what was featured in the photograph. The prime suspects, at this time, appear to be either the legendary 'lost' creature, a fox with mange, or a clever photoshop, but no one is for certain.

The unsettling phenomenon of energy vampires took center stage on Sunday night's program as psychic counselor Lisa Campion discussed her experiences dealing with these difficult individuals. She detailed some of the various personality types that have been known to disturb people's lives due to their uncanny ability to drain them of energy. The most common type of energy vampire, she said, have a wounded quality to them and possess a "desperation for them to fill an empty hole inside of them." Unfortunately, of course, that energetic replenishment often comes at the hands of their family and friends.

The mystery of fast radio bursts got a boost thanks to some truly compelling research out of Canada in which astronomers detected a whopping 13 instances of the puzzling pulses emanating from out in space. This latest haul of FRBS sparked considerable excitement among researchers as it included only the second repeating burst ever to be found. While we wait to see if the bursts are coming from something alien, the UFO phenomenon could be getting some renewed attention here on Earth as retired Senator Harry Reid revealed that he's hoping to persuade Congress to give the enigmatic phenomenon a fresh look.

With the new year having only just begun, one can only wonder what will occur over the next twelve months. On Thursday night's program, astrologist Mark Lerner provided his forecast for 2019 and revealed a number of key dates in which planetary alignments could play a significant factor in shaping world events. Among these specific points in the year to watch out for, he said, are January 21st, when a lunar eclipse is set to take place, and April 19th, which will feature a full moon.

Perhaps the most perplexing story of the week centered around a Canadian man who has been haunted by a maddening hum that has literally followed him from one home to the next. Dana Negrey's epic quest to silence the sound has seen him enlist an audio engineer who has confirmed that the noise is not all in his head. The pair went so far as to construct a homemade Faraday cage in the hopes of figuring out where the sound could be coming from, but even that ambitious tactic proved to be futile.

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