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In Coast You Missed It 10/4/19

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World leaders and psychics, children and near-death experiences, and notorious California murders were among the riveting topics explored this past week on Coast to Coast AM. And, here at the C2C website, we told you about a government agency in Australia that is being forced to hunt for ghosts, a pair of paranormal-themed coins, and the prospect of finding life on Mars within the next two years. Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

A highly intriguing and often under-explored realm of the paranormal centers around near-death experiences reported by children. On Tuesday night's program, pioneering NDE researcher PMH Atwater detailed her groundbreaking study on the subject in which she spoke to nearly 400 people who experienced the phenomenon. She noted that the individuals' young age at the time of their NDE seemingly led to significant differences in how they perceived the event with more than half of the people expressing difficulty growing up and fitting into society after having briefly visited the 'other side.'

The law and, of all things, ghosts crossed paths this week via two very odd stories. In New York, an enormous mansion that was once deemed 'legally haunted' by the state's Supreme Court was put up for sale. The dubious distinction was due to a former owner telling the media about their paranormal experiences in the residence, yet neglecting to reveal the site's spooky reputation to a prospective buyer. Down in Australia, a government agency was forced to investigate whether or not their headquarters was haunted after a paranormal group filed an information request akin to an FOIA asking for details about eerie events that may have occurred there.

Since Biblical times, there have been accounts of powerful world leaders receiving insight from psychics and seers. These mysterious relationships were explored on Saturday night's program by author Mark Anthony, who mused that those who ascend to the highest levels of the ruling class often believe that they were destined for that role and, in turn, are more open to messages from such unorthodox sources. During his appearance, he recounted how Abraham Lincoln was particularly interested in mediumship and may have even been psychic himself.

This past week saw a pair of unexpected stories in which the paranormal was celebrated on coins in two different countries. First, a series of pieces designed to recognize Australian icons from A to Z saw the so-called Bigfoot of Down Under, the Yowie, representing the letter 'Y.' Meanwhile, in Canada, a colorful new coin that vividly depicts the legendary Shag Harbour UFO incident was released and quickly sold out within just a few days. The glow-in-the-dark piece features a trio of astounded witnesses watching a massive flying saucer plunge into the waters off of Nova Scotia.

Infamous California murders were the focus of a pair of chilling programs this past week on Coast to Coast AM, beginning with Sunday night's show in which private investigator Steve Hodel discussed his study of the Black Dahlia case and how it shockingly led him to conclude that the perpetrator was his own father! On Wednesday night's program, Scott Michaels and Mike Dorsey talked about their fascination with notorious Hollywood murders, specifically the haunting 'Helter Skelter' slayings of 1969. The duo reflected on how the killings altered the mood of Los Angeles at the time and stressed the importance of remembering the victims rather than the sinister individuals who took their lives.

There were two stories this past week that concerned life in space and they offered dramatically different slants on the subject. In an interview discussing a pair of rovers set to touch down on Mars in 2021, the chief scientist for NASA speculated that they may quickly uncover some signs of life in the soil beneath the surface of the Red Planet and offered the worrisome observation that humanity may not be prepared to learn about such a paradigm-shifting discovery. On the other end of the spectrum, Elon Musk disappointed UFO enthusiasts when he told a crowd at a SpaceX event that he'd seen no evidence for aliens and opined that intelligent life is incredibly rare in space.

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