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In Coast You Missed It 10/5/18

By Tim Binnall

Eyewitness accounts of Bigfoot, the Golden Era of flying saucers, and the magic of horror movies were among the topics discussed this past week on Coast to Coast AM. And here at the Coast website, we told you about the latest Ogopogo sighting, marveled at a Sasquatch calling competition, and shared a perplexing piece of footage of a 'mystery creature' that remains quite puzzling. Check out our round-up of C2C highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

With spooky season upon us, artist Mr. Lobo returned to C2C on Thursday night for a discussion of classic horror films and how the genre seems more popular than ever. He reflected on why iconic pictures like The Shining and Texas Chainsaw Massacre had such an impact on moviegoers that they are still fondly remembered after so many years. Lobo also mused about the latest Hollywood fare, how the audience for these movies has changed in a surprising way, and what he believes makes for a good horror film.

It would appear that Ogopogo, known affectionately as Canada's Nessie, is having something of a moment with three reported sightings over the last month. This week, we told you about one of those encounters which featured an intriguing photo that one researcher suspects could be the legendary creature said to lurk in British Columbia's Okanagan Lake. We're not sure why Ogogpogo keeps showing up all of sudden or where's it's been the last few years, but we're hoping that that we'll see even more of the monster moving forward.

Coast listeners were treated to a fascinating first-hand account of the 'Golden Era' of flying saucers by way of author Gordon Lore, who appeared on Monday night's program to discuss his work as an official with the UFO research organization NICAP in the 1950's. In addition to recounting his own flying saucer sightings, which were rather remarkable in their detail, Lore also shared stories about legendary researchers that he had worked with such as J. Allen Hynek and Donald Kehoe.

One story from the past week that still has us scratching our heads is the weird 'mystery creature' that was captured on video scurrying along the side of a road in an unknown country. Despite watching the footage a number of times, the nature of the oddity remains pretty perplexing. The same could be said for a photo of a mysterious figure spotted in a Scottish forest by witnesses who said that the individual chanted and danced for ten minutes before seemingly vanishing into thin air.

Bigfoot encounters took center state on Tuesday night's program when William Sheehan, a collector of such reports, detailed some of the insights he has learned about the creature based on the accounts of eyewitnesses who have told him about their experiences over the years. Among the intriguing details that he revealed during his appearance is Sasquatch has been seen bleeding from injuries, leaving hand prints as well as foot prints, and generally appear to be either built like a bear or a muscular human.

Speaking of Bigfoot, one of our favorite stories this week at the Coast website was the proverbial paranormal version of 'American Idol' in the form of a Sasquatch calling competition which took place in upstate New York. An awesome video from the event showcased some of the participants at the event and their best Bigfoot impressions which ranged from amusing to unsettling. Should the organizers of the event need another judge at next year's festivities, we'd be happy to lend an ear.

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