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In Coast You Missed It 11/1/19

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By Tim Binnall

The life and times of John Keel, UFO disclosure, and a bevy of unnerving ghost stories were among the riveting realms featured on Coast to Coast AM this past week. And, here at the C2C website, we told you about a flying saucer-shaped Airbnb, a one-ton boulder that was somehow stolen from a national forest, and an amazing image from NASA which showed the sun looking like an eerie jack-o'-lantern. Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

For the past few years, UFO enthusiasts have become increasingly optimistic that the proverbial 'powers that be' will finally reveal the truth about the phenomenon to the public. On Monday night's program, longtime UFO disclosure activist Stephen Bassett and MUFON director Teresa Tindal talked about the current state of affairs when it comes to ending the government secrecy surrounding the topic. Despite the remarkable advancements which have been made in recent years, Bassett cautioned that the current impeachment chaos in Washington may delay any Earth-shattering announcements for now. Tindal also talked about her own personal UFO experience as well as the types of witness reports she's received at MUFON.

As is custom, all things spooky stole the spotlight in the days leading up to Halloween with several ghost stories popping up in the news. A visitor to the historic and possibly haunted Sorrel-Weed house in Savannah, Georgia snapped a picture of an eerie anomaly that some suspect could be a ghost. Similarly, the proprietor of a pub in England spotted what appeared to be an apparition of a ghost child captured by the restaurant's CCTV system, while a security camera at a home in Virginia filmed a series of baffling orbs. Even NASA got in on the act by posting an image of the sun which bore an uncanny resemblance to a jack-o'-lantern.

The work of legendary paranormal researcher John Keel took center stage on Saturday night's program as Brent Raynes discussed his decades-long correspondence with the mysterious author who famously wrote the Mothman Prophecies. He recounted several strange facets to the Mothman case such as how witnesses experience poltergeist activity in their homes and had eerie visions seemingly predicting the infamous Silver Bridge disaster. Raynes also detailed some very odd paranormal experiences that Keel himself had, including purportedly reuniting with an old friend and spending the day with him, but then finding out that this person had actually died two years before their encounter.

This past week saw a pair of very cool stories capture the attention of UFO enthusiasts. First, a man in California managed to acquire an incredible rare flying saucer-shaped 'Futuro House' from the 1960s, of which less than a dozen remain in America, and transformed the residence into an Airbnb located in Joshua Tree. Meanwhile, it was revealed that a team of professional archivists from New Brunswick, Canada, has been hard at work for the last several months organizing and cataloging an enormous collection of files amassed by the legendary UFO researcher Stanton Friedman, who passed away this past May.

In celebration of Halloween, Coast to Coast AM once again transformed into Ghost to Ghost AM this past Thursday for our tradition special featuring spooky and unsettling stories from C2C listeners. A theme, of sorts, among callers this year involved haunted houses as several people recalled living in residences that were seemingly also home to some kind of spirit. Other callers had heartwarming tales of incidents that appeared to have been contact with a loved one who had crossed over to the other side. Also appearing throughout the program were frequent C2C guests Mr. Lobo, Ouija Board expert Karen Dahlman, and exorcist Bill Bean.

A pair of bizarre and baffling crimes popped up in the news this week. In a weird incident out of South Carolina, a man was arrested for stabbing a woman in the back several times and told police that he attacked her because she'd threatened to feed him to zombies. Later in the week, authorities at the Prescott National Forest in Arizona announced that some committed criminals had somehow stolen a one-ton boulder that was something of a local landmark. Investigators are uncertain as to how they made off with the massive rock, but suspect that the caper was likely accomplished using heavy machinery, since the prospect of lifting it up by hand is pretty impossible.

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