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In Coast You Missed It 12/14/18

In Coast You Missed It 12/14/18

By Tim Binnall

The Oak Island mystery, the birth of remote viewing, and the prospect of humans finally going to Mars were among the hot topics covered over the past week on Coast to Coast AM. Here at the C2C website, we told you about an NBA star's surprising thoughts on the moon landing as well as cosmonauts trying to get to the bottom of the mysterious hole found at the ISS. We also marveled at videos of an eerie entity appearing to pop up behind a woman during a web chat and a possible glimpse of a reptilian on a Ukrainian internet program. Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

The Cold War era origins of the remote viewing program at the Stanford Research Institute were revisited on a fascinating edition of C2C this past Wednesday when physicist Russel Targ talked about his role in creating the project. His first hand perspective on the evolution of RV included remarkable stories from that era which suggest that the development of these abilities was truly spectacular as Targ recalled how his colleagues demonstrated amazing abilities to 'see' high security places like a Russian weapons factory and inside the embassy of foreign nations.

A couple of creepy videos caught our attention and captured the imagination of C2C website visitors this past week. First, a truly weird video out of Washington state seemingly showed some kind of entity appear behind an unsuspecting woman during a video chat. Was it an alien? A ghost? A clever hoax? We're still not quite sure. Similarly, an odd video from the Ukraine appeared to show the eyes of a TV presenter suddenly look reptilian for a split second, leaving many to wonder if the unsettling rumors of such beings lurking among us may actually be true.

One of North America's greatest mysteries was explored on Monday night's program as reporter Randall Sullivan detailed his research into Nova Scotia's infamous Oak Island and the elusive treasure said to be buried there. He recounted how the quest for riches at the site dates back to 1795 and has produced a number of tantalizing clues that have led some to suspect that the Knights Templar may be connected to whatever could be hidden on the island. Sullivan also provided an update on where the search at Oak Island stands today.

Meanwhile, there were some new developments in an unfolding modern mystery this week when two Russian cosmonauts performed a spacewalk outside of the ISS to examine the increasingly suspicious hole that was recently discovered in a Soyuz capsule docked to the station. Although the mission itself seemingly did not provide any smoking gun which could explain the baffling damage, the endeavor allowed for a new perspective on the hole that will, hopefully, lead to an answer as to what or who may have created it.

The prospect of colonizing Mars may someday soon go from a science fiction dream to a reality and on Saturday night's program aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin provided a look at how it may be done as well as why we're still waiting to walk on the Red Planet. He explained to listeners that there is a process involving artificial greenhouse gases which will trigger a veritable terraforming of the planet in a semi-natural way. Zubrin also noted that there are a number of factors which have prevented a manned Mars mission from coming to fruition, but that the private space industry may wind up ultimately unlocking the Red Planet for the human race.

Should we ever get to Mars, chances are there will be some folks who simply won't believe it as we've seen with the moon landing. On that note, this past week put the infamous conspiracy theory on the proverbial front page for the first time in quite a while when one of the most famous athletes in the world today, Stephen Curry, expressed skepticism that we ever went to the moon. As one can imagine, this set off something of a firestorm that culminated with NASA inviting the Golden State Warriors' star to their Houston facility to see moon rocks.

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