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In Coast You Missed It 12/6/19

In Coast You Missed It 12/6/19

By Tim Binnall

Mysterious disappearances in Canada, magic, and life aboard the International Space Station were among the riveting topics explored this past week on Coast to Coast AM. And, here at the C2C website, we told you about a dog painted to look like a tiger, an odd UFO sighting in South Carolina, and a lawsuit over the notorious Forrest Fenn treasure. Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

Witchcraft and magic were the focus of a pair of C2C episodes this past week, beginning with Wednesday night's program in which ritualist Phoenix LeFae discussed how she uses roots and herbs to improve her life. She also talked about the importance of ancestor worship as well as elemental beings known as the 'fae.' Then, on Thursday night's show, futurist Jason Louv talked about the differences between black and white magic as well as what a practitioner of the 'dark arts' should be focused on when they cast their spells.

The latest twist in the very strange saga of author Forrest Fenn's purported hidden treasure occurred this week when a disgruntled Colorado man sued the eccentric art dealer after he failed to find the elusive riches. David Harold Hanson claims that he managed to solve the puzzle put forward by Fenn and actually located where the $3 million in gold and jewels were hidden. However, the treasure hunter alleges, the author then fed him false clues that led him astray and now he wants $1.5 million for his troubles.

Chilling cases of mysterious disappearances took center stage on Monday night's program as investigator David Paulides discussed his latest work looking at curious instances of people vanishing in Canada. He detailed how many of these events seem to occur along shorelines or in the forests of the Great White North. Paulides also shared an eerie story from a law enforcement officer who encountered what he described as a bizarre "sheet of glass or a fog" in a forest and his foot disappeared when he extended it into the anomalous void.

This past week saw a pair of puzzling possible UFOs pop up in the news. First, in South Carolina, a mystified motorist filmed a strange glowing object that slowly descended through the sky. Theories for what it could have been, aside from an alien ship, are space junk returning to Earth or merely an airplane that looked peculiar due to the angle that it was filmed. Later in the week, an anomaly hunter scouring Google Earth images noticed a very intriguing shape that resembled some kind of craft in the shadow of an ice shelf in Antarctica.

Coast listeners were treated to a fascinating first-hand perspective on life in space from one of the world's most accomplished astronauts when Chris Hatfield stopped by the program on Tuesday night. The former Commander of the International Space Station, he reflected on what it is like to live on the ISS for an extended period of time. Hatfield explained that day-to-day life on the space station involves performing a considerable amount of maintenance work as well as exercising in order to ensure that one's body can better adjust to returning to Earth.

By far the weirdest story of the week came by way of India where a farmer fed up with monkeys stealing his crops came up with the rather clever idea of painting stripes on his dog so that it looked like a tiger. The faux ferocious feline proved to be an excellent deterrent as the primates reportedly fled the property whenever they caught sight of the proverbial guard dog. Meanwhile, a similar but far less amusing story occurred in Siberia this week when a polar bear with the name of an iconic Russian tank spray-painted on its side was spotted by a pair of bewildered witnesses.

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