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In Coast You Missed It 2/23/18

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From fascinating conversations with guests like Dr. Michio Kaku and author Mike Clelland to stories about Bigfoot being honored and a museum visitor who turned a terracotta warrior into his own personal gift shop, here are some highlights from the past week at C2C ... in Coast you missed it.

C2C listeners were treated to a pair of appearances which provided glimpses of the proverbial 'other side' by way of psychic criminal profiler Robbie Thomas sharing chilling tales of communicating with murder victims on Monday and the 'Psychic Lawyer' Mark Anthony talking about the weird world of haunted real estate on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, coming off of a proverbial loss in Washington state earlier this month, Bigfoot had something of a comeback on Monday when the city of Jefferson, Texas declared themselves the Sasquatch state capital. The legendary creature managed to grab headlines again on Wednesday when a potential video of the famed cryptid was posted online.

In UFO news, a tantalizing video of something anomalous hovering in the sky over Belarus had researchers in that country baffled, but skeptics have argued that it is simply the sunset. And here at home, C2C's George Knapp went looking for answers when it comes to the now-infamous 'alien alloys' said to be held by the Pentagon's UFO program.

Speaking of which, could there be a connection between owls and the UFO phenomenon? That's the question that author Mike Clelland explored on Sunday's edition of C2C, detailing a variety of instances where the iconic bird 'just so happened' to appear at times of potential alien contact, making one wonder if perhaps the owls truly are not what they seem.

Later in the week, the very future of humanity was up for discussion when longtime Coast guest Dr. Michio Kaku returned to the program to talk about developing an 'escape plan' for civilization. As he often does, the great popularizer of science explained the very real ways in which our species can, and hopefully will, spread out into the cosmos beyond Earth.

It may be for the best that these breakthroughs could take some time to occur, since humanity might not be ready to venture out into the universe just yet. Though that pessimistic perspective is partially based on the Philadelphia man who thought it was a good idea to snap the thumb off of a terracotta warrior and pilfer the digit.

And as the week wound down, a trio of guests appeared on Thursday night's show when George Noory presented the 18th installment of C2C's Secret Door special, featuring Chase Kloetzke, Marc Zicree, and James Paris popping in for a chat over the course of the evening.

Coast Insiders can check out all this week's shows as well as the last five years of C2C programs in our enormous archive.

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