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In Coast You Missed It 3/2/18

In Coast You Missed It 3/2/18

From riveting conversations with guests like Linda Moulton Howe and author L.A. Marzulli to stories about Flat Earth fans opening up a shop in Scotland and the 'Virgin Mary' being spotted on the wall of a hospital in Argentina, here are some highlights from the past week at C2C ... in Coast you missed it.

UFO disclosure was a major topic of discussion on C2C this past week with George Knapp interviewing Luis Elizondo about the recently-revealed Pentagon UFO program as well as John Greenewald regarding never-before-seen files from the legendary Project Blue Book. The theme continued later in the week when George Noory spoke with Linda Moulton Howe about Richard Nixon's alleged 'ET time capsule' and disclosure activist Stephen Bassett revealed his latest endeavor aimed at getting the government to release their UFO secrets.

Over in the UK, there were two new 'businesses' connected to the paranormal which popped up over the last few days. The first was less a store and more of a stunt as Flat Earth advocates actually rented a shop in Scotland in order to spread the word about the controversial conspiracy theory. Meanwhile, a paranormal investigator in England opened the UK's first-ever haunted objects museum and research center, a site which will allow visitors to examine potentially possessed items as well as take part in various studies to try and decipher them.

Just as Bigfoot made big news last week, another legendary cryptid found itself in the spotlight this week as Nessie popped up in a pair of promising stories. First, Coast readers were asked to weigh in on the Best Nessie Sighting of 2017 via an annual competition held by the Inverness Courier newspaper. And, solidifying the creature's status as a genuine British icon, the Loch Ness Monster was honored by being featured as part of a new set of coins produced by the British Mint.

The current chaotic state of the world was another issue covered by a pair of C2C guests looking at the topic from remarkably different angles. On Wednesday's program, Stephen F. Cohen, Professor of Russian Studies and History Emeritus at NYU shared his thoughts on the unfolding 'Russiagate' saga. And, on Tuesday, former Silicon Valley computer scientist William Stickevers provided a geopolitical forecast using astrology, ominously noting that there is a 70% possibility of conflict between the US and North Korea with the odds increasing starting this coming May.

In a somewhat unsettling turn of events, the Vatican announced plans to increase exorcism training for priests in Italy because requests for the service have skyrocketed in recent years. While that may make one fear for the worst, perhaps the sudden appearance of a discoloration that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Virgin Mary on a hospital wall in Argentina will help calm nerves and give hope that, in the spiritual battle of good and evil, there may still be some hope for us yet.

Another noteworthy episode from the past week of C2C shows was author L.A. Marzulli detailing the mysterious elongated skulls of Paracas, which he and his fellow researchers into the matter believe may have once belonged to a subspecies of humans. Asked to speculate on the origin of the skulls, Marzulli boldly proposed that "I'd say we were looking at the remnants of the Nephilim," who he warned were "nefarious interdimensional entities." Should that be the case, let's hope that they don't mind that we've gotten our hands on some of their skulls.

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