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In Coast You Missed It 3/20/20

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By Tim Binnall

Invisibility, the dangers of artificial intelligence, and a number of perspectives on the coronavirus crisis were among fascinating realms explored this past week on Coast to Coast AM. And, here at the C2C website, we told you about a fantastic series of possible Bigfoot photos, the discovery of an odd ice age structure made out of mammoth bones, and a repentant thief who returned a stolen artifact for fear that End Times are upon us. Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

As one can imagine, the coronavirus was a hot topic this past week on Coast to Coast AM with several programs featuring guests discussing the crisis. On Saturday night's show, author John Barry talked about the 1918 influenza pandemic and the parallels between it and COVID-19. On Sunday night's program, infectious disease expert Dr. Phillip K. Peterson weighed in with his thoughts on the crisis. And, on Tuesday night's show, Ben Fuchs shared tips for strengthening the immune system and remote viewer Ed Dames provided his forecast for how the pandemic may ultimately unfold.

This past week provided several stories in which scientists detailed fascinating finds from our distant past. In Iran, researchers identified an odd petroglyph featuring a half-man, half-mantis entity. Meanwhile, archaeologists in Russia unearthed a bizarre ice age structure that had been constructed out of mammoth bones. And, paleontologists in Europe announced that they had found the oldest-known bird fossil which they dubbed the 'wonderchicken.'

While concerns about falling victim to 'robot overlords' has become something of a punchline in recent years, the prospect of artificial intelligence usurping humanity's control over the planet is very much a real possibility, warned Cyrus A. Parsa on Monday night's program. He cautioned that biometric data clandestinely culled from cellphones could be used to steer people towards certain thoughts unbeknownst to them. Parsa also talked about how quantum computing and 5G could wind up being used for nefarious purposes against an unwitting population.

Considering its pervasive nature both across the planet and in the news cycle, it's no surprise that the coronavirus has spawned some rather strange stories beyond merely widespread toilet paper hoarding. In Israel, a man who stole an artifact 15 years ago grew concerned that the pandemic is a sign of the End Times and, as such, decided to return the pilfered object to authorities in order to clear his conscience. Over in Spain, drones were deployed to encourage people to stay at home to avoid the virus and cops stopped a man who defied the lockdown by roaming the streets in a dinosaur costume.

The concept of invisibility has long tantalized technology enthusiasts and science fiction writers. On Wednesday night's program, Joshua Warren explored the possibility that the military may have already developed such an ability for some of their aircraft and also pondered how it appears as if the paranormal realm is operating with some degree of invisibility. To that end, he noted various UFO and ghost cases which seem to suggest that we're sharing the planet with forces that can render themselves unseen.

By far the most intriguing story from this past week centered around a series of remarkable photos that may show a Bigfoot peering through the window of a home in Colorado. Providing considerable detail, witness Scott Yeoman recounted the weird event wherein he spotted the large creature lurking outside and promptly snapped some rather jaw-dropping photos. The images in question are tremendous as far as Bigfoot photos go and seemingly feature what was either a genuine Sasquatch or a dedicated prankster wearing a quite convincing gorilla costume.

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