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In Coast You Missed It 5/10/19

In Coast You Missed It 5/10/19

By Tim Binnall

The power of a person's dying words, the alien abduction phenomenon, and space exploration were among the riveting realms explored this past week on Coast to Coast AM. And, here at the C2C website, we told you about several spooky incidents involving possibly ghostly activity, why the 'Yeti prints' discovered by the Indian Army may not be all that they're cracked up to be, and the latest weird venture from the Denver airport when it comes to promoting their place in conspiracy theory lore. Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

One of the most nightmare-inducing realms of the paranormal has got to be the alien abduction phenomenon, since it suggests that anyone could be taken at any time by nefarious ET visitors. On Wednesday night's program, longtime researcher Derrel Sims returned to C2C to provide an update on his exhaustive work trying to unravel these mysterious events. He specifically explored the possibility that aliens could be implanting humans and shared with the Coast website a number of such objects which have been removed from abductees. Sims also imparted a number of intriguing insights into abduction trends that he has observed after investigating countless cases over the years.

This past week was rife with stories of spooky incidents and possible ghostly activity. On the visual front, there was a paranormal research group in Scotland that photographed an eerie anomaly which they believe could be the spirit of someone who died from the infamous Black Death. Even creepier than that was a doorbell security camera video from a home in Texas where an unnerving disembodied voice can seemingly be heard saying "I'll kill you." And there was something of a cautionary tale in the form of a lamentation from authorities in Florida after aspiring ghost hunters overran a community center and essentially destroyed it while looking to contact an apparition.

The enigmatic nature of an individual's dying words was explored by linguist Lisa Smartt in a fascinating edition of the program on Tuesday night. Having analyzed more than 1,500 incidents of end-of-life utterances, she explained that these cases sometimes seem to suggest that the person passing away is able to see and communicate with people on 'the other side.' Another type of pre-death phenomenon detailed by Smartt is known as 'terminal lucidity' and it occurs when an individual with neurological or cognitive issues suddenly regains their ability to communicate shortly before they die.

In an unfortunate follow-up to a story from last week, we learned that the headline-making news that the Indian Army had found Yeti prints in the Himalayas may not have been as fantastic as they claimed. That's because the neighboring country of Nepal revealed that, upon hearing of these Abominable Snowman tracks, sent a team out to the area to investigate. When they returned, they indicated that the now-weeks-old prints were gone and that local residents in the area dismissed the markings as merely the product of a bear and not the legendary Bigfoot-like creature said to lurk in the region.

The transformative power of space exploration took center stage on a pair of programs this past week, beginning with Sunday night's edition of C2C featuring science historian Rod Pyle talking about the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing. Then, on Thursday night's program, self-described 'space philosopher' Frank White discussed the 'Overview Effect,' a phenomenon in which astronauts observing the Earth from space reported experiencing an altered perception of the planet where our world is seen as an almost fragile rock floating in a void and not the proverbial terra firma those of us here on the ground know it as.

And, finally, the Denver airport's surprising embrace of their place in conspiracy lore continued this past week when the facility announced the formation of a 'supernatural sisterhood' with the Roswell airport. The clever union between the two sites was made official by way of a hilarious 'Memorandum of Understanding' that was packed with proverbial shout outs to various conspiracy theories and UFO legends. The two airports even went so far as to actually stage a signing of the agreement inside an empty bunker with the shadow of an alien looming over the two executives.

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