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In Coast You Missed It 5/4/18

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From eyebrow-raising aspects of the JFK assassination and spooky tales from New England lore to a creepy story about a mysterious girl crying in a Turkish graveyard and the hunt for the Zodiac killer, C2C covered a vast array of strange and unusual topics this past week. Check out some highlights from the program and the website ... In Coast You Missed It.

The famed Kennedy brothers were the topic of discussion on two separate C2C shows this past week. First, on Sunday, author and researcher James DiEugenio discussed the JFK assassination and some of the suspicious elements surrounding the case, including issues with a polygraph test given to Jack Ruby and the notorious 'magic bullet' theory. Later in the week, Rick Allen talked about the remarkable legacy of RFK and how his work and ideals continue to influence society to this day.

Another duo with something of a connection found their way into the news this week in the form of stories concerning serial killers Jack the Ripper and his American counterpart, of sorts, the Zodiac Killer. While we may never know who the Ripper was, the miscreant still manages to captivate as evidenced by an auction in England which saw a postcard written by the killer sell for a rather whopping sum. Meanwhile, the Zodiac may not be so lucky, when it comes to evading justice, thanks to advances in familial DNA investigation that may finally unmask the mysterious murderer once and for all.

With the summer travel season set to begin, expectant tourists should check out Wednesday night's program, when author Michael Brein's shared amazing stories of paranormal experiences reported by people visiting other parts of the world. Among the jaw-dropping tales recounted by Brein were bizarre incidents of time slips, weird synchronicities, and inexplicable supernatural experiences, including his own story of hearing mournful disembodied voices that he believed emanated from a nearby cemetery.

Speaking of cemeteries, they served as the setting for two strange stories covered this week at the Coast website. In England, a ghost investigator's visit to a graveyard resulted in some remarkable footage which may or may not have been a spirit lunging at the camera. And, over in Turkey, residents of a city were captivated by a weird case where a mysterious girl had been spotted crying in a graveyard for five days straight.

If you're looking for some similar campfire fare this coming weekend, ghost investigator Jeff Belanger's Thursday night appearance on the program should do the trick as it is packed with chilling accounts of eerie New England legends. The mysterious 'wild man' of Winsted, Connecticut will have you scratching your head and the unsettling 'Ghost of Elsie' said to haunt the town of New Braintree, Massachusetts is almost certain to raise the hair on the back of your neck.

And from the realm of the downright strange, the Coast website featured a bizarre video of a tourist brazenly stealing a dolphin that had become beached in China. Now wanted by authorities for his audacious theft, we're guessing that the beachgoer never expected his caper to go viral on Chinese social media and will almost certainly be second guessing the misadventure should law enforcement catch up to him.

Coast Insiders can check out all this week's shows as well as the last five years of C2C programs in our enormous archive.

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