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In Coast You Missed It 6/15/18

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This past week featured another diverse array of offerings from Coast to Coast AM and the C2C website, including programs on hostile UFO encounters and the latest in the war over GMO foods as well as a viral 'mystery rocket' being identified and a psychic pig offering up World Cup predictions. Check out some of the stories and shows which were highlights from the week that was here at C2C with In Coast You Missed It.

While the world was talking about the Trump-Kim summit earlier this week, there was another meeting of the minds during around the same time that may have been even stranger: Flat Earth fans gathering with skeptics. The curious confab occurred in California when a scientific organization performed a series of experiments aimed at debunking the infamous conspiracy theory. Alongside the skeptics were around two dozen Flat Earth enthusiasts who took in the scene and quickly declared that the showcase failed to prove anything. Fortunately, both sides agreed to disagree rather than resort to fisticuffs over the highly-charged conspiracy theory.

Speaking of epic showdowns, one of the more unsettling and underexplored aspects of the UFO phenomenon are incidents of hostile encounters with these mysterious craft. Longtime paranormal researcher Timothy Green Beckley recounted a number of such troubling cases during his appearance on Monday night's program. Among the events he discussed were the legendary Cash-Landrum case as well as a truly mystifying UFO sighting in Canada which went on to earn recognition in the form of an awesome coin recently issued by the Canadian Royal Mint.

On the subject of UFOs, for a few days earlier in the week, flying saucer enthusiasts and skywatchers were left scratching their heads over an odd image captured by a weather webcam in Washington. The photo in question appeared to show a rocket launch of some kind, the origin of the presumed projectile was a mystery as all possible sources denied having anything to do with the anomaly, setting off a firestorm of speculation. However, thanks to a tremendous investigation into the case, the surprising nature of the 'mystery rocket' was seemingly determined and, amazingly, it was revealed to have been a helicopter!

Meanwhile, an issue covered in detail on Coast to Coast AM over the years was front and center once again during Thursday night's show as leading spokesperson on the health dangers of genetically modified foods, Jeffrey Smith, provided an update on the war over GMOs. Particularly intriguing among the news he shared is that the USDA has issued new proposed rules on labeling products that contain genetically modified foods. Specifically, Smith said, the agency wants to use the term 'B.E.' for 'bio-engineered' rather than the designation 'GMO,' ostensibly since it carries considerable baggage.

Near-death experiences have become a staple of the paranormal for decades, thanks in large part to pioneering NDE researcher Dr. Raymond Moody. And on Wednesday night's program, he was joined by counselor Dr. Sharon Prentice to examine an astounding form of the phenomenon known as a shared-death experience. In these incredible cases, people who have loved ones that are dying experience the process and see the afterlife for themselves. Moody noted that doctors have also reported SDEs from working with patients who pass away.

And, finally, this week marked the official start to the 2018 World Cup and with it comes one of our favorite pop culture oddities that always seems to pop up with events of this magnitude: psychic animals. While keeping tabs on all the prognosticating critters forecasting the event is something of a challenge, there was one clairvoyant creature that stood out from the rest: a pig in England dubbed Mystic Marcus. By way of his allegedly 'gifted' snout, the animal picked an eclectic group of countries (Belgium, Argentina, Nigeria, and Uruguay) to comprise the final four of the tourney. We'll know in a few weeks if the pig's powers are real or if he's just a porcine psychic pretender.

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