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In Coast You Missed It 6/8/18

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From the icy world of Pluto to the mysterious annual meeting of the Bilderberg group as well as breakthrough discoveries on Mars and the always-creepy Black Eyed Children, Coast to Coast covered a vast array of topics this past week both on the program and here at the C2C website. Check out our highlight reel of some of the most memorable stories and shows of the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

An unnerving paranormal phenomenon that has received considerable attention in recent years is that of what can best be described as 'sinister entities' like the now-infamous Black Eyed Children as well as both Men and Women in Black. On Monday night's program, Fortean researcher Nick Redfern detailed his research into these odd 'beings.' He shared some truly baffling and hair-raising tales from people who have encountered these phenomena and mused about how many suspect that these various entities are most certainly not merely human beings attempting to pull off some kind of strange ruse.

Within the world of flesh and blood people, a somewhat similar worrisome group was in the news again this week as the notorious Bilderberg Meetings are currently underway. Although the infamous gathering of global power brokers is incredibly secretive, thanks to a release of their 2018 agenda, we at least know what will be discussed at this year's conspiracy theory-conjuring confab. Among the issues on the table for 2018 are artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and an intriguing topic simply titled 'the future of work.'

A ghost researcher with an uncanny knack for capturing spirits on film, Tim Scullion shared some of his images with C2C this week and discussed his work on the program during Wednesday night's program. Estimating that one out of every 50 of his photographs appears to feature something anomalous, he explained the different types of spirits seemingly found in his images, including 'geo-lights,' Casper-like ghosts, and apparitions that inexplicably appear in windows. But perhaps the most chilling aspect of Scullion's experiences is that he now believes that the spirits found in the photos actually wanted to be seen.

On the subject of tantalizing photographs, this past week saw the emergence of a rather intriguing image showing some kind of mystery creature lingering in a man's driveway. Purportedly caught via a security camera system, the photograph had many wondering if the odd animal could possibly be the legendary Tasmanian Tiger due to what appeared to be a stiff tail reminiscent of those seen on thylacines. However, with the origin of the image uncertain, the theory was tenuous at best and many skeptics suggested that the creature was likely a fox with mange.

Thursday night's program took C2C listeners on a journey to the furthest reaches of our solar system by way of planetary scientist Alan Stern and astrobiologist David Grinspoon discussing the amazing New Horizons mission. The duo recounted the astounding amount of scientific insights provided by the probe which explored Pluto and provided heretofore unseen glimpses of the icy world that left astronomers breathless. They also talked about what the relatively diminutive craft is up to today after it cruised past Pluto towards the vast expanse of space.

Another area of space that fired the imagination of the public this week was a bit closer to home: Mars. A major event held by NASA saw the space agency announce that they have discovered ancient organic matter buried not too far below the surface of the Red Planet. This material, they marveled, constitutes what scientists call the 'building blocks of life' and suggest that, perhaps, Mars may have been home to living organisms, of some kind, in the distant past. While not quite the confirmation that UFO enthusiasts may have wanted to hear, the news should be celebrated since it keeps the ancient Martian civilization hypothesis still in play.

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