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In Coast You Missed It 9/6/19

In Coast You Missed It 9/6/19

By Tim Binnall

The CIA and UFOs, mysterious sleep conditions, and messages from the 'other side' were among the riveting realms explored this past week on Coast to Coast AM. And, here at the C2C website, we told you about the results of a landmark DNA study at Loch Ness, a pair of wondrous two-headed animals, and a mysterious substance spotted on the Dark Side of the moon. Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

Strange sleep disorders took center stage on Tuesday night's program as consultant neurologist Dr. Guy Leschziner detailed his experiences working with patients afflicted with a variety of mysterious conditions that were disturbing their nightly slumber. While sleepwalking may be dismissed by some as a Hollywood cliche, he noted that such a state is very real and shared stores of individuals who would cook, eat, and even ride a motorcycle while they are seemingly asleep. Leschziner postulated that the eerie condition occurs when part of the brain becomes awake while another section remains in deep sleep. He also discussed recurring nightmares, sleep paralysis, and narcolepsy.

A story we've been closely following for the last two years came to a conclusion this week when the results of a much-discussed DNA study of Loch Ness were finally revealed. In an announcement on Thursday, geneticist Neil Gemmell explained that the project, which looked for genetic material in 250 water samples taken from the legendary site, found no shark, catfish, nor sturgeon DNA. As such, the study appears to have eliminated those creatures from consideration when it comes to the nature of Nessie and, remarkably, strengthened the case that the 'monster' may be an eel as the water was apparently rife with DNA from the serpentine fish.

The UFO phenomenon and the entities believed by many to be behind the enigma were a hot topic of conversation this past week on C2C. On Monday night's program, researcher Dan Wright discussed his exhaustive study of CIA files concerning UFO cases and revealed some remarkable details that he found in those materials. Following that, on Wednesday night's program, author Jonny Enoch talked about his hypnotherapy work with ET contact experiencers as well as his extensive investigation of the Atlantis legend. And, on Thursday night's program, channeler Marc Brinkerhoff talked about his communications with human-looking aliens.

An intriguing new space mystery emerged this week when it was revealed that the Chinese space agency's lunar rover had spotted a strange 'gel-like substance' sitting in a crater on the infamous 'Dark Side' of the moon. Described as "significantly different" from the surrounding soil, the puzzling anomaly so excited engineers managing the craft that they convinced their superiors to change the mission plan in order to examine the weird material. While the rover managed to scan the substance with a highly advanced spectrometer, the precise nature of the odd 'gel' has yet to be revealed, although astronomers say that it could be glassiness created when a meteor strikes a rock and melts part of it.

Having conducted thousands of private and group sessions throughout her career, spiritual medium Carole J. Obley has had a wealth of contacts with the 'other side' and, on Sunday night's program, she told C2C listeners about some of the lessons she's learned from those who have 'crossed over.' According to Obley, she is consistently told by those in the spirit realm that an individual's consciousness stays with them on their journey into the afterlife, and most find themselves in a "mid-realm." Obley also talked about reincarnation as well as her own paranormal experiences.

In an appropriate bit of synchronicity, this past week saw a pair of stories celebrating the discovery of two-headed animals. First, on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, conservationists found a sea turtle sporting two independently operating heads. While the mutant turtle appeared to be a juvenile, we're still waiting on word as to whether or not it was also a ninja. Meanwhile, over in New Jersey, wildlife workers were taken aback when they stumbled upon a two-headed rattlesnake lurking in the state's infamous Pine Bush region.

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