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In Search of the 'Alien Alloys'

In Search of the 'Alien Alloys'

Perhaps the most tantalizing detail in this past December's revelations about a secret Pentagon UFO program were claims that the group possessed some kind of 'alien alloys.'

The material in question, as initially reported in the bombshell New York Times piece, was purportedly "recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena" and housed in a special warehouse built by Bigelow Aerospace.

This tidbit contained in the Times article set off something of a firestorm in the UFO research community and in the mainstream public with many clamoring to know more about the 'mystery metal.'

And now a new KLAS I-Team report from C2C's George Knapp provides perhaps the most in-depth examination of the 'alien alloys' aspect of the story which have been the subject of considerable speculation and debate.

In a testament to just how secretive the program was, Senator Harry Reid, who backed the creation of the program, told Knapp that "I don't know anything about exotic materials," but acknowledged that there was "a lot of talk about it."

Pursuing the matter further, Knapp turned to the director of the program, Luis Elizondo, for answers, but was informed that "I can't discuss that."

Nonetheless, Knapp reports that he was able to confirm through multiple sources at the program that they were in possession of "a weird piece of something" and that it did not contain a heretofore unknown element.

He also notes Dr. Hal Puthoff recent C2C appearance in which he discussed studying some "unusual material" while working with the program and that he was baffled by the complex layering with which it seemed to be constructed.

So while we now know a little bit more about the 'alien alloys,' they remain maddeningly mysterious in that their origin, current whereabouts, and any insights gleaned from studying them are still a closely held secret.

Check out the George Knapp's complete I-Team report, which includes additional insights from Elizondo about how this material may relate to how UFOs operate.

And Coast Insiders can hear Puthoff and Dr. Eric Davis discuss their work with the Pentagon program on the 1/28/2018 edition of the show.

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