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In the News 3/10/15

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It's been found that that most alien looking of insects, the praying mantis, has an uncanny ability to control the spin of its body, as it makes giant leaps. Watch an animation here. Also up in the air is a solar powered plane, embarking on a historic journey to fly around the world-- without using any fuel! Back in the early days, and by that we mean a few billion years ago, the sun regularly blasted Earth with "superflares." According to this new research, these massive bombardments were 10,000 times stronger than any flares within our recorded history.

Near Death Experiences aren't always about traveling through a tunnel of light, writes BBC Future, which spells out "seven flavours of death." With all that viral hullabaloo about that dress which people see as different colors, comes news that ancient languages did not have a word for the color blue, and it may not have even existed in the way we think of it.


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