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In the News 3/7/15

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According to astronomers, mysterious 'alien signals' that had previously been dismissed as stellar bursts are actually coming from an Earth-like planet called Gliese 581d. The planet is believed to be the first planet outside of our solar system to be located in the habitable zone around its star. A rare celestial phenomenon is coming on March 20, when the Spring Equinox eclipse will be a supermoon eclipse. The eclipse will been viewable across Northern Africa, Europe and Northern Asia.

Several news stories have popped up this week about Australian athlete Reg Spiers, who in the mid 1960s had no money for a plane ticket so he shipped himself in a wooden crate from London to Australia. Student Alexander Zhuikov spend one month this winter carefully recreating a full-size replica of a Soviet tank from snow. And could this be a sign of an apocalypse? Dozens of birds drop dead out of the sky in Tennessee.


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