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Incredible Video Showcases the Crop Circles of 2016

An indefatigable researcher in England has created a breathtaking video showcasing the many formations which he documented during this summer's crop circle season.

Over the course of the past few months, author Hugh Newman managed to visit and film an astounding 23 formations which appeared in the English countryside.

He relied on newspaper reports and contacts in the crop circle community to get the latest word on new formations as they were found and film them using his drone.

Commemorating the close of the 2016 crop circle season, Newman compiled his collection of videos into a thrilling highlight reel that captures the nearly-two dozen formations he chronicled over the last few months.

Despite being fascinated by the formation phenomenon for the last fifteen years, Newman told BT.com that he does not subscribe to a particular theory as to what is creating the crop circles.

"I don't really care," he told the website, "I just think they're really exquisite pieces of art."

In light of the endless debate over whether or not the formations are made by ETs or people, we can't help but note the subtle irony of an awesome crop circle video being created by someone named Hugh Newman, which sounds remarkably similar to 'human.'

A self-described megalithomaniac, Newman has also spent considerable time researching Earth grids, ancient sites, and even the Indigo Children phenomenon.

Coast Insiders can hear him discussing these topics on the 4/18/2013 edition of the program.

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Source: BT.com


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