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Indian Army Captures Odd Record

A specialized branch of the Indian army recently took home a weird world record by way of jaw-dropping stunt featuring 58 men riding a single motorcycle.

The proverbial 'ride share' was pulled off by a group of performers clad in the colors of the Indian flag at one of the country's air force bases.

To the, no doubt, nodding approval of three different world record-keeping organizations, the team known as the Tornadoes accomplished the complex feat on their third try.

The display may seem silly to some, but actually keeping 58 men on one motorcycle as it traveled over a half-mile to capture the record appears to have been quite the undertaking.

According to the Indian Army, the group spent an astounding four years researching the science and logistics surrounding such a stunt.

Once those parameters were fully understood, they then underwent an arduous six-month-long training period where members of the group practiced the ride and dieted so that they would be light enough for the 'big day.'

All of that hard word ultimately paid off for the Tornadoes, although one wouldn't fault residents of India for wondering if a four-year-long research project designed to fit 58 men on a motorcycle was the best use of the country's military resources.

Source: abc.net.au

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