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Indian Man Ingests Incredible Number of Coins and Nails

A seemingly routine examination looking for the source of a man's stomach ache turned into an astounding extraction surgery for doctors in India.

Maksud Khan showed up at the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital complaining about stomach pains, which those treating him initially thought could have been caused by food poisoning.

However, when they performed an endoscopy on their suffering patient, they were stunned to discover a veritable junk drawer inside of him.

Incredibly, contained in Khan's stomach were a whopping 263 coins, 100 nails, and an assortment of razor blades, stones, and pieces of glass.

Doctors say that the clearly troubled man had actually eaten all of these objects, which weighed a jaw-dropped seven pounds total, over the course of the last few months.

According to a surgeon who removed all of the material, Khan is incredibly lucky that he finally decided to seek medical treatment after weeks of agony.

That is because the ingested nails had begun to pierce his stomach and, if left untreated, would have assuredly caused his demise.

Fortunately, Khan has now recovered from his misadventure and says that he has no plans to resume his bizarre diet.

Considering that he likely missed work due to the surgery, let's hope that he was allowed to keep all those coins.

Source: The Independent


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