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Indiana Man Arrested for Mailing Dead Skunks

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Enraged about being passed over for a teaching position, an Indiana man allegedly unleashed an unsettling campaign of harassment upon his rival including mailing him dead skunks!

Authorities in Jackson County, Indiana say that Travis Tarrants became unhinged after he lost out on a position as a fourth grade teacher and basketball coach at an elementary school.

Rather than simply refine his resume and try again somewhere else, Tarrants purportedly turned his anger towards the man who was hired for the position and seemingly tried to destroy his life.

Aside from filing a myriad of false reports against him through various state agencies, police contend that Tarrants also issued death threats to the man and his fiancé.

However these allegations seem almost quaint compared to the other twisted tactic that authorities believe Tarrants tried using to terrorize his victims.

Postal workers in two separate sites discovered suspicious packages sent to Tarrants' perceived rival as well as administrators who passed on employing him.

They were probably noticed by the letter carriers because they contained the bodies of dead skunks!

In total, Tarrants is accused of mailing four dead skunks and the body of a raccoon to these unfortunate individuals who became his fixation.

How he acquired the skunks, much less the raccoon, is a question for only the truly brave to ponder.

Adding one final layer of creepiness to the sordid affair, one of the packages contained a letter which simply read, "Resign! It will not stop."

Thankfully, authorities begged to differ as Tarrants has been arrested and charged with six felonies due to his alleged multidisciplinary menacing.

We can only wonder if the aspiring teacher would have gotten the job if he'd shown this kind of initiative in the first place.

Source: FOX59 Indianapolis

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