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Interactive Map 'Stalks' UFOs

Interactive Map 'Stalks' UFOs

An amazing new interactive map combines the technology of Google Earth with a massive database of UFO sightings to give users the chance to turn the tables on ETs.

Dubbed the 'UFO Stalker,' the website overlays MUFON's database of case reports with Google's mapping service to create a truly addictive experience.

Whether one wants to simply look at sightings reported in their hometown over the years or take a deep dive and look at UFO events on a broader level, the options for exploration are truly endless.

And, should a particular case stand out as strange or unusual, the map gives the full sighting report from the database which generally provides an array of details from the witnesses' perspective.

UFO enthusiasts say that the map could be an invaluable tool in uncovering sighting trends as well as possibly tracking the direction that the anomalies may appear to be traveling based on multiple reports throughout the country.

So if you're stuck at work over the holiday weekend and simply bored at home during yet another Law & Order marathon, get behind the controls of the UFO Stalker and see where it might take you.

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