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Intricate Crop Circle in the UK Amazes Researchers

Veteran crop circle researchers are marveling about an incredibly intricate formation that appeared on a farm in England late last week.

The enormous design measures over 300 feet in diameter, occupies two acres of land, and features what appear to be twenty astrological symbols adorning the edges of the circle.

According to the family that owns the farm, the formation was discovered after they returned home from a five-day vacation.

Despite the elaborate nature of the design, the owners reportedly did not detect any evidence of human activity in the field nor did anyone in the area report strange activity during the time it was created.

On his Facebook page, renowned crop circle investigator Colin Andrews declared that, "I've traveled the world for over thirty years investigating crop circles and have never seen anything quite as impressive."

Andrews indicated that he is currently investigating the formation and expressed confidence that he will be able to determine the source of the circle.

That said, he stressed that the true puzzle behind the picture may be what inspired the design and how it connects to human consciousness rather than simply who made it.

For their part, the family that was 'blessed' with the formation appearing on their farm have opted to charge admission to the site in an effort to recoup whatever income was lost by the destroyed crops.

As we've seen in the past, the decision to commercialize the crop circle was likely more due to necessity rather than an opportunistic attempt to profit from the phenomenon as any additional funds will be donated to charity.

Coast Insiders can hear more from Colin Andrews, who coined the term 'crop circle' over thirty years ago, by checking out his 12/12/2011 appearance on the program where he detailed his exhaustive career investigating the phenomenon.

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Source: Blackmore Vale Magazine

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