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Intriguing Aerial Encounter Reported over Oregon

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Details have emerged regarding a strange incident involving fighter jets attempting to intercept an unidentified aircraft being tracked over Oregon before it seemingly vanished.

The puzzling encounter took place in late October and came to light after a pilot who had been flying in the area at the time recounted the odd story online.

According the witness, he heard air traffic control asking pilots if they could spot a mysterious white aircraft that should not have been in the vicinity and was neither appearing on radar nor communicating with the tower.

Although some of the pilots did see the plane, they could not get close enough to determine the aircraft type.

The perplexing nature of the situation was apparently enough for NORAD to spring into action as they had fighter jets dispatched to investigate, but the plane was gone by the time that they arrived.

Remarkably, this aspect of the case was confirmed by the agency to the defense news website The War Zone, who expressed surprise that the sophisticated F-15s sent to search for the plane could find no sign of it.

Attempts by the website to learn more about the event from the FAA tight-lipped about the incident, yet they did confirm that it happened.

Adding another layer of intrigue to the case are claims by someone who purportedly works with air traffic control and was allegedly told to stop by his superiors to stop looking into the incident.

These factors have led some to suggest that the mystery plane was some kind secret government test craft, with more imaginative minds even connecting it to Area 51.

Others have opined that perhaps the aircraft was involved with drug trafficking or some other nefarious activity and, thus was purposely trying to fly 'below the radar' before it wound up catching the attention of air traffic control.

Based on the relative transparency of NORAD and the eyewitnesses who saw it, we can be fairly certain that the unidentified aircraft was not a 'UFO' in the classic ET sense.

Nonetheless, the alternative explanations are still rather unnerving and the overall mystery surrounding the event leaves one wondering what exactly unfolded in the sky over Oregon that day.

Source: War Zone


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