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Intriguing Survey Sheds Light on Conspiracy Theories in France

Intriguing Survey Sheds Light on Conspiracy Theories in France

An enlightening survey conducted in France found that nearly eight out of ten people believed in at least one conspiracy theory if not more.

The findings provide a rather unique perspective on public perceptions surrounding conspiracy theories, including both infamous American cases as well as uniquely European concepts.

While a whopping 54% of the respondents said that they believed that the CIA killed JFK, that particular conspiracy was surprisingly eclipsed by a more modern set of concerns.

The top conspiracy on the list, which an astounding 55% of the people ascribed to, is the belief that vaccines are dangerous and that the French government alongside pharmaceutical companies are keeping this a secret.

Similarly dark conspiracy theories on the list were that the proverbial 'deep state' controls ISIS with 31% and that AIDS was manufactured in a laboratory with 32 percent.

On a lighter note, it would appear that the Flat Earth movement has some work to do in France as only 10 percent of the people were open to the notorious conspiracy theory.

It remains to be seen whether this will inspire cries of 'etudier la terre plate' as has happened in other parts of the world over the last year or so.

Source: The Local

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