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'Invincibility Ritual' Injures Seven

'Invincibility Ritual' Injures Seven

Seven men in Indonesia who thought they were being instructed on how to become invincible wound up learning a lesson on trusting strangers who make sensational promises.

The strange saga began a few months ago when a man calling himself 'Didi' and claiming to be a sorcerer arrived in a village near Jakarta.

Didi told the riveted residents that he was fluent in the ways of magic and that his skills with the dark arts had rendered him impervious to injury.

Clearly his tale was quite convincing as several men in the village recently accepted his offer to learn how he had achieved this feat.

Following some kind of ceremony said to make the men invincible, Didi had them put their newfound 'powers' to the test by rinsing their hands with acid!

Either due to the ritual going awry or, more likely, Didi having simply spun a fantastic yarn for the men, the end result was gruesome as seven of them suffered severe burns from the chemical rinse.

As for the sorcerer, he skipped town soon after the incident and is currently being sought by authorities.

While one can understand the wish to become 'unbreakable,' there is one aspect of the story that is truly mystifying.

According to Indonesian media, Didi did not ask for any money from the men for his services, leaving one to wonder, if it was a nefarious trick, what could have been the motivation behind it.

Although we may never know what drove Didi to do what he did, it clear that he's bad at black magic, either as a mystical art or as a grift, since he neither made the men invincible nor made any money.

Source: Borneo Bulletin

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