Iraqi Official Claims Airport Was Once an ET Base!

At the opening of a new airport in Iraq, the country's Minister of Transportation claimed that ancient aliens once used the same location for their spaceships!

Speaking to the press, Kazem Finjan may have inadvertently blown the lid off of UFO secrecy when he declared that the current airport sits on the site of history's first airport ... from 5000 BC.

Finjan told incredulous reporters to read the work of Zecharia Sitchin if they did not believe him.

The official went on to detail how the location of the airport was a preferred spot of the Annunaki because its weather conditions made it ideal for launches to other planets.

Throughout Finjan's speech, his colleagues appear to be nonplussed by his statements, but there are a handful of moments which suggest they were more amused than amazed by the revelations.

That sentiment seems to have been captured by Iraqis who saw the press conference as one journalist called Finjan an imbecile while an academic suggested that he was allowed to speak for so long because no one wanted to be the person who stopped him.

One particularly cruel critic contended that the Transportation Minister is evidence that the Iraqi government is rife with "fools, hashish addicts and the most worthless of humanity."

That harsh rebuke is certainly open to debate amongst Iraqis as is the veracity of Finjan's claims, since they do not appear to come from any inside information pertaining to ETs in Iraq's distant past and, instead, were informed primarily by the work Sitchin.

Therefore, while the scene may look eerily similar to what one might expect from 'official disclosure,' the incident might be better characterized as simply a Sitchin fan detailing what he'd read in the legendary researcher's books.

Of course, Finjan could someday get the last laugh if the Annunaki ever decide to return to Earth and opt to use their own airport in Iraq as a landing pad.

Source: Express

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