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Is the US Poised to Fall Behind in Space?

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America's space dominance looks to be challenged in the near future as Russia and China have bold plans for expanding their reach into the cosmos.

In Russia, development is already underway for a heavy-lifting rocket, dubbed Angara-A5, that is specifically designed to carry pieces of a proposed moon base to the lunar surface.

Following six missions to the moon to deliver the components of the base, they will then be assembled over the course of ten years in a process much like how the International Space Station was built.

In anticipation of the eventual completion of the lunar base in 2030, Russia is also moving forward with plans to send their first cosmonauts to the moon in 2029.

The Russian revelations follow a recent troubling report on China's space program which indicates that they are also on pace to challenge the United States' status as the premiere space-faring nation.

Having already developed a vast staff of technological experts, China hopes to harness antisatellite technology which could thwart American capabilities in space in the event of a conflict here on Earth.

The communist nation is also working on plans to create their own space station with the goal of having it completed by 2020.

With Russia and China staking claims to a greater share of the cosmos in the future, the United States may find itself left behind here on Earth.


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